New Book: Soliloquies – Of A Reluctant Householder

When learning a subject, some people just get the theorem directly. Some people like to have a lot of worked examples. And some people like to be trained in solving those examples.

A highly evolved spiritual aspirant can hear ‘tat tvam asi’ and get it in a second. Like Janaka, Ashtavakra, Sankaracharya and that level of people.

Then, there is the layer who wants the worked examples. In my college days, I used to read the theorems and do all the problems on my own. Then I used to show some of my friends, hostel-mates etc how to do the problems. And of course as a professor in college, I used to make my students work out the problems in the class and the lab.

This book Soliloquies – Of A Reluctant Householder, shows how different worldly problems may be approached, even if your head and heart lean to the spiritual side of things. It is more like a set of worked examples. Most of these ideas appeared as blog posts on Ancient Indians in 2011-2012.

You may purchase the ebook directly from me by paypal/NEFT/MO, or wait for the ebook and print book to become available on shortly.

This book may be considered a sequel to the book Un-Cluttering My Life.




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