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My new book “Notes and Insights on Hindu Predictive Astrology” is now ready.

Those of you who wish to purchase the pdf file, directly from me, may transfer the money via paypal.

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  • Present Price of ebook : Rs 300 or 6 USD
  • 98 pages
  • 5″ by 7″
  • Font: Bradley Hand ITC, 12 pt, Bold, Left, Line spacing:  Multiple 1.15 li, Space Before:  10 pt, After:  10 pt

It is not a textbook or a handbook or even a tutorial. But it does contain some simple “home-remedies” and techniques that were helpful to me and some people I know. It contains some insights and explanations. There are many great works written by many great authors and experts. This work is merely an attempt to preserve whatever this mind learned and thought. It is protected by traditional copyright. All Rights Reserved. Satya Sarada Kandula

This is not based on logic or on detailed experimentation. It does not claim to be science or scientific. It contains personal, subjective, truths. It is influenced by my reading and understanding of the sastras. It is based on the subjective personal experiences of people known to me, including myself. You may try it if you want or not try it if you don’t want. I will/can neither explain nor defend it. The intention is to help someone who wants such help. The intention is to preserve the ideas and insights that are a product of this mind.

Why I selected Hindu Predictive Astrology.
I wanted to study predictive astrology as opposed to the personality astrology. Event predictions may be proved or disproved. But personality traits may be claimed if they are flattering and rejected otherwise. This is why I studied Hindu Predictive Astrology.

This book is a collection of notes and blog posts written by me about Hindu Astrology.  An excerpt is included below along with the Table of Contents.


Excerpt : 

Not known to many people, is that Sani is also a gnyanakaraka… In Sani periods you gain wisdom and knowledge.

People under the influence of Sani are not chasing illusions and mirages, unlike those under the influence of Rahu.

So is there a parihara?

It is known that Gnyana (knowledge/wisdom) destroys karma.

So I think that during these periods, it will benefit those who worship Ganesha, Saraswathi, Hayagriva, Dakshinamurthy, Gnyana prasoonamba and all deities who personify knowledge. Tradition also recommends worship of Siva and Hanuman the perfect gnyanis.

I firmly believe that the pursuit of Saraswathi Devi through learning any subject is the key. Learn electronics or history or physics or music, or any other subject of your choice. Learn it with devotion and sraddha and a complete sacred feeling…. your gnyana will chase your karma away and your perceived bad luck will disappear. This has worked for me many times, in many situations. Do it as if it is a yagnya for Saraswathi Devi.

Re-examine the incidents that you perceived as bad luck… Bad Luck is a label we give to incidents and events. Usually each event you dislike has led to some wonderful new opportunities and fun. The trick is to remove the ‘bad luck’ label from your mind, even when others want to come and show you pity and treat you as if you were unlucky.



Disclaimer 9

Effort and Fate: Parasara. 11

The sensible origins of astrology. 13

Hindu Predictive Astrology. 17

Why I selected. 17

Newspaper Astrology – Predictions based on Transits  18

Predictions based on Natal Charts. 19

What is in a Natal Chart. 21

Sun signs, moon signs, any graha signs. 23

How do I explain all this? 24

Navaratnas: precious stones. 27

Interpretations. 29

Timing. 34

Conclusion. 37

Astrological Tips. 39

How to identify your present dasa, bhukti. 39

Maximum Duration of any bad or good bhuktis  41

Duration in years and Sequence of Dasas  44

Astrological Remedies. 45

Puja. 45

Daana. 46

Mani Dharana. 47

TirthaYatra, Tirtha Snana. 48

Adhyayana. 49

Bhagavad Nama Smarana. 52

Prayaschittam.. 53

Deities For different dasas, bhuktis and sukshma dasas  54

Rahu. 55

Sani 57

During Sani Periods – Destroy Karma with Gnyana (Jnana) 58

Sankalpa (Will) As an Astrological Remedy  63

Shodasha Ganapati : for removal of obstacles  67

Astrological Remedies in the Mahabharatam   69

Remedies for Bad Dreams. 79

Gajendra Moksha. 80

Rama’s jataka chakram.. 85

Balakanda slokas referring to rama’s birth  85

Analysis of the slokas. 88

Vimsottara Dasas for Sri Rama. 92

Does Astrology work on Saturn? on Alpha Centauri? 95



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  1. Hello
    I am interested in buying your book ‘Notes and Insights on Hindu Predictive Astrology’ in a format I can read on my Mac. (probably pdf) Kindly let me know where I need to make payment.

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